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Public Administration Work Development

Public Administration Work Development

Development of municipal and city administration systems of work in the field of improvement of the quality services being provided to civilians (municipal services quality assessment system), municipal property management and human resources development (HR) represent a special segment of work of the Organization.

Strengthening capacities of the local self-government units and city administrations in Serbia is one of the preconditions for successful development in other fields of the society (social policy, youth policy...).

In cooperation with the office of the Council of Europe, initiated in 2007, the said programmes were implemented in over 20 municipal and city administrations thus having direct impact onto the increase of the quality services that these institutions have been providing for to their citizens.

The conducted programmes ensured for municipal/city administrations additional knowledge in the fields as follows:

1. evaluation of the work outcome of the municipal and city administrations (improvement of services being provided to citizens),

2. municipal/city administration management,

3. human resources improvement.

(1) Programme for the evaluation of the work outcome of the municipal and city administrations – The Programme ensured the system that enables evaluation of own outcomes of municipal and city administrations in the field of budget management and planning, service provision to civilians, planning and engagement of the broader community into the work of the administration. Thereby, preconditions were created for profound changes both in administration structures and in tasks of references of certain departments and sectors of local and city administrations.

(2) Municipal/city property management programme – The Programme included standardization of existing procedures as well as introduction of the new ones with an objective of effective identification of municipal/city property and planning in the field of identified property management.

(3) Human resources improvement programme – all previously mentioned activities provide for efficacious results only if being conducted by competent individuals holding proper knowledge and skills. The HR component of the programme of the office of the Council of Europe ensured structured models of employment, monitoring and advancement of the employees in the municipal/city administrations.