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About Us

About Us

PANACEA SOLUTION is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2002. In previous 10 years PANACEA SOLUTION has been creating and implementing its programmes in cooperation with key national institutions and organizations as well as with a great number of international partners.

The most significant partners of the NGO PANACEA SOLUTION are local self-government units in Serbia. The organization has cooperated so far with over 120 municipalities and cities implementing the programmes which improved work of institutions within the social welfare system, youth policy and public administration work as well as in the field of human and minority rights at all levels.

During the accomplishment of the programmes strategic partnerships have been achieved with the line ministries and institutions (Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Youth and Sport) whereby preconditions have been ensured that results, generated through different programmes and projects, be a part of institutional and systemic solutions in the work of public institutions and organizations.

Organizational structure:

National Level

The head premises of the Organization are located in Belgrade including the space for six full-time employed expert associates and the space for the Training Centre with the capacity for 20 applicants.

Regional Level

Regional level work commenced in 2008 as an answer to meet the need that a special level of cooperation should exist between local partners and the central office that would ensure regional networking of the projects of the Organization on one hand and provide for more intensive cooperation with regional stakeholders (media, regional NGOs, certain public institutions) on the other hand.

The Organization has hold on seven regional points in the cities as follows: Subotica, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Uzice, Zaječar and Nis.

Local Level

Local level work rates as a key programme level of work of the Organization; the programmes and projects are conducted in partnership with local self-government units. In the period 2005-2013 the cooperation has been achieved with over 120 local self-government units/city administrations in Serbia in relation to the programmes implemented by the Organization.